Cowboy Coffee “He Brews” Daily Devotional


Cowboy Coffee “He Brews” Daily Devotional
Daily 10:15am-10:50am (except Sun Dec 10, Church with Cory Ross)
Everyone Invited

Cowboy Coffee “He Brews” – Bring your cup of coffee and  join us as we take on the Theme of “Help thy Neighbor” and share how Gods Hands has made and impact during these times of hardship.  Lift God up and find the good that is received  through these events and life changing testimonies.

Just as Cowboy Coffee may be bitter and not the best tasting, once it is shared around a campfire everyone enjoys, even if it’s just one cup.  We are gathering around  giving praise and sharing some of the bitter times and how we can come together to lend a hand with prayer and  encouragement.

Daily Devotional and testimonials

Wed Dec 13: Rodney Hammerstrom will be doing the devotional and testimonial.
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Cowboy Coffee