Kevin Rowe & The Prodigal Sons

Kevin Rowe & The Prodigal SonsKevin Rowe & The Prodigal Sons main objective is to meet a broad spectrum  of people through music. We want to reach people who generally would not listen to Christian Music or go to Church.

We travel throughout the United State as a full time ministry in places such as, Texas, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, New Mexico, Colorado, & Arizona. We travel these states playing for rodeos, festivals,fairs,concerts,churches,private events, trail rides, college football games, community outreach programs.

Kevin Rowe & The Prodigal Sons are a multi award wining band, while awards are everything we are very humbled to have the following supporters and peers and well, to have stood behind us. the last 3 consecutive years including 2015, 2016, & 2017 we have been awarded Band Of The Year by The International Country Gospel Music Association, Last two consecutive years 2016, & 2017 Inspirational Country Music Vocal Group Of The Year, and 2017 Texoma Music Association Band Of The Year. Our lead singer Kevin Rowe was voted in the top 5 Male Cross Over Artist with the
International Country Music Association for 2017, lead guitar player was in the top 5 nominees for instrumentalist of the year with the ICGMA for 2017 as well.

Through a lot of prayer, dedication, and hard work we have found ways (and always looking for more) to reach the brad spectrum of people, all ages, different preferences in music, and cultures.

Below I will give you a outline and explain some of the events and concerts we use to reach these people. beginning with the present and working back to around 2015, you will see how we dedicate our lives to helping others and giving back to the communities, first and foremost working and giving to the Lord.

Last year during these tours and events we put over 100,000 miles on the road. Our current fleet consist of a 45ft private coach (we use for living quarters & sound system storage) wrapped in the American Flag, a 48ft full capacity portable stage, fully loaded with state of the art lighting, strobes, fog, and effects, (if you can think of it we probably have it) we use for concerts
and events of up to at least 10,000 people. If your traveling and see a 45ft or 48ft American Flag wave we will wave back!

Breaking The Chains Tour – This year we have traveled between Texas and Mississippi to different colleges of anywhere of 1000-5000 students and visitors per game, putting on free concerts after the football games and rodeos, giving away free food, cold drinks, and water. We do this to show young adults a alternative to the party the world has created usually having alcohol, drugs, and full of moral decline. We show them they can have a great time, listen to great music, make memories they will remember, and make it home without putting themselves or anyone else in danger.

We are excited to say we have 13 colleges we are working on booking for next years football season.

December 2017 really marks a milestone for our ministry. We are honored to have been invited and booked starting Dec.6, 2017 at Mandalay Bay Casino & Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada, to be on the Center Entertainment Stage the full ten nights of The National Rodeo Finals and The World Champion Team Roping Finals. This event has the potential to really open

This event has the potential to really open a lot of advertising doors with over 100,000 people attending, along with all the other people in Las Vegas seeing our bus coming up and down the road from Texas to La Vegas and wherever else the Lord may take us.

2016 We played throughout the country play rodeos, fairs, festivals, Etc..

2015 on top of our travels with everything else we started The Texas Music Round Up. These concerts are totally free for the community we do try to include at least 5 churches so the city can see unity and that we all serve on God and can all be in one building having a good time regardless of denomination, profession, race, or lifestyle. We still plan to carry these concerts out in 2018. These concerts attended by all ages, usually bring anywhere from 2000- 5000 people depending on the city. The Texas Music Round Up allows us to sponsor a nonprofit within the city and any donations made from auction, love, offerings, or any others on the night of the concert go to the sponsored nonprofit. in the past we have sponsored orphanages, Meals on Wheels, & The National CASA Association. 2018 will be bigger and better then ever as we hope to have sponsors and foundations set to help us hold 5 concerts in Wichita Falls, Tx. Abilene, Tx. Tyler,
TX. Fredricksburg, TX. & Houston, TX.

We are hoping 2017 and 2018 will be a mile marking and trend setting year not only or helping people to find a better path but for growth in our ministry with the Lord and building relationships and helping other companies grow as well