Rhonda Stearns

Rhonda StearnsRepresenting the fourth generation of a ranching family is a proud privilege for this working Wyoming cowgirl.  Having grown up ranching, rodeoing and breaking and training horses – and continuing to live in close relationship with cattle, horses and ranch people – gives her poetry a strong foundation in the reality of the life.

For a couple decades Rhonda and her late husband Bill did lots of ranch daywork on big, historic ranches where they sometimes live in a cowboy tepee for a week at a time during spring and fall works, often riding 30 – 50 miles daily in rough country.  At 72, horseback work is still her greatest joy.

“Those days in the saddle inspire most of my poems,” she says, “and enable me to recite them, along with old classic cowboy rhymes, with passion and realism.”

Rhonda has been featured since the 80’s at gatherin’s in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas.  In 2000 she became the first woman to receive the All Around Cowboy Culture Award at the National Cowboy Symposium & Celebration at Lubbock, Texas, and the Academy of Western Artists named her Top Cowgirl Poet in 2003.  She’s grateful to God for letting her live the cowboy life as well as write and perform to honor the cowboy legacy, and strives to be authentic and portray the cowboy honestly as he was, and is – whether reciting the works of classic cowboy poets or her own original poems