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Cowboy Christian Connection

Today rural America has suffered from many natural disasters, fire, hurricanes, drought on top of just normal farm accidents and hardships.  Cowboy Christian Connection is joining forces with many artists and nonprofit organizations such as Montana Cowboy Ministries, Giving Back Foundation, and Americas Cowboy Review and others to raise funds to help the ranching and farming communities and invite you to join us to take a vital leadership role as well..

Lending a helping hand is a normal in rural American, and a practice we should employ every day.  These organizations, partners, not only want to help with these disasters but also those who we don’t hear about on national TV or on the radio, possibly your next door neighbor.

In response, this December we will be working at the National Finals Rodeo in Las Vegas to bring national attention to our “Help They Neighbor” Fundraiser to directly help those who have experienced hardship and may have not received any form of aid or assistance.  We have a process where you or  anyone can submit an application to nominate individuals and families who have recently experienced unexpected rural hardships with no help or support systems.  Our board of directors along with other organization heads to distribute funds will review all applications.  You will be able to be a direct part of the selection of anonymous applications by reading their stories and testimonies. Along with their requests so you can choose whom you want to help directly.  Larger requests will be reviewed by the board of directors, which allocates and distributes funds directly to selected applicants privately.  We are working to have video testimonies with respect to the recipient’s wishes.

By teaming up with the Giving Back Foundation and other groups and organizations, Cowboy Christian Connection (CCC) is carrying out its mission statement by bringing people, businesses, and organizations together to give of oneself for the benefit of others through our fundraising and direct assistance efforts to glorify Jesus Christ.


Cowboy Christian Connection

Cowboy Christian Connection logo“Our mission is to bring people, businesses and organizations together, to be able to give of oneself for the benefit of others and in turn glorify Jesus Christ.”

Giving Back Foundation 

Giving-Back-Foundation-logoThe Giving Back Foundation is dedicated to America’s agricultural producers who have been affected by the ravages of Mother Nature.

The Foundation is based on the unchanging, unwritten Code of the West; of neighbor helping neighbor under hardship conditions.


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